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Paganismo´s T-Shirt - Sonido Gallo Negro


Material: 100% Combed cotton in black color

Printing: 4-ink silk -screen print 

The art commemorates "Paganismo", the band's last album.


Sonido Gallo Negro is a project that takes up the psychedelic sound of the Peruvian cumbia of the 70's, merging it with a garage attitude. Farfisa organs, guitars with Fuzz, and the inseparable güiro are the main elements of the lysergic cumbia of this group. Subgenres such as Chicha, Amazonian Cumbia and Boogaloo are present when the band, formed by members of the Twin Tones, Telekrimen and designer Dr. Alderete, takes the stage ... Gallo Negro is a proposal of exotic rarity that likes to dress his music with esoteric airs that alter perception and force dance until exhaustion.


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