Tike’a Rapa Nui and the South Pacific Islands


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Tike’a Rapa Nui and the South Pacific Islands
by Dr. Alderete
224 pages
Size: 7,5x10,6 in / 19x27 cm
Spanish English edition
ISBN 978-958-8969-71-8
Rey Naranjo Editores

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Design: Clarisa Moura
With articles by: Sven Kirsten, Anahi Luna, Raffaela Cedraschi, Francisco Torres Hochstetter, Alejandro Magallanes and Jorge Alderete
Having grown used to the traveler who never returns and who carries off fragments of the colors and textures of its landscapes and the smiles of its inhabitants, the Rapa Nui community is always grateful when some of those fragments that have been taken return to join the mosaic they came from. It is in this form that Tike’a managed to connect with the people of Rapa Nui, who enthusiastically visited the exhibit. However, perhaps the greatest sign of the success of Tike’a can be found in the bonds that Dr. Alderete himself established with the people of that community, which transcend those of an artist and his subjects to those of kindness, the same kindness that leads the islanders to hold out their arms with flower necklaces and to open the doors of their homes to share with strangers. With Tike’a, Jorge stopped being that strange traveler that one day passed through the island, and became the friend who everybody hopes will return.